KCRW's Good Food 10th Annual Pie Contest

Sunday, April 28,2019

UCLA's Royce Quad

12p - 5p

We’re back! KCRW is partnering with the Fowler Museum for our 10th Annual Good Food Pie Contest! Home cooks and professionals alike will compete side-by-side to garner the attention of the Good Food pie judges - a collection of LA's finest chefs and food writers.
Cheer on the competitors, visit the Fowler exhibitions or just come by and enjoy a slice or two. Good Food host Evan Kleiman will preside over the afternoon pie festivities which will include music by KCRW DJs Anne Litt and Garth Trinidad, pie tasting, a beer garden, kids activities, an artisan marketplace and more! This event is free and open to the public.

Pie Festivities

April 28, 2019

Royce Quad

This free event will include activities for all ages throughout the day and will feature:

Artisan marketplace
Beer garden
Scavenger hunt
Cookbook Swap: bring a cookbook and exchange it at the swap!
Pie tasting (begins at 3:30p, come early to check out the selection!)
Fowler Families presents: Looms, Weaving, and Pie—Oh, My! A collaborative weaving workshop. Recommended for children ages 6+

Pie Stage at Royce Quad

12:00pm: KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad
2:30pm: KCRW DJ Anne Litt
4:25pm: Scavenger Hunt winner announced
4:30pm: Pie Winners Announced: Join Evan and the 2019 judging team for the winner announcements and coveted Gold’s Greatest!

Baking Demo Stage at Royce Quad

12:25p: Welcome from Evan Kleiman
12:30p: Isa Fabro: Mango Royale
1:15p: Marisela Parada: Making Coyotas- a cookie-like pastry from Sonora
2:00p: Tracy Ann: Spirited Fruit Pies & Flavorful Fillings
2:45p: Feride Buyuran: Walnut Baklava Triangles

1p–2p in the Fowler Amphitheater

Concert: UCLA Near East Ensemble
The Near East Ensemble presents music and instruments from the Arab world, including a performance by master percussionist Souhail Kaspar. Its repertoire includes old court music genres from the Ottoman era, mystical works related to the Sufi Islamic sect, modal and drum improvisations, nightclub pieces, and songs from rural folk celebrations.

Get Ready, Set ... Bake!

We are asking the best bakers and pastry chefs to join us at the judging table.

You are welcome to enter multiple pies, but just one for each category. For more information, please check out our FAQ. These tickets are just for pie entries. The event itself is free.

Pie Categories

Excluding apple
Cooked Custard
Cream / Chiffon / Mousse
Kids 10 years of age and under
Levantine Cuisine
Inspired by Dressed with Distinction: Garments of Ottoman Syria on view at The Fowler

Baker submissions at capacity

Marketplace Vendors

Interested in selling food or wares?

Good Food Blog

2017 Edward R. Murrow Award Winner


Getting There

This delicious event will be held at UCLA's Royce Quad (in front of Royce Hall).

Bakers' check-in will be in front the Fowler Museum. A detailed email will be sent to all bakers the week of the event.

Self-parking (Cash Only)

Parking is available in Lot 4 398 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Enter UCLA campus LOT 4 from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood Plaza. The parking fee is a maximum of $12 CASH ONLY for the whole day.

Ride sharing drop offs (Uber, Lyft)

Ask your driver to drop you off at 415 Portola Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90095.

Public Transportation

The Fowler is a lovely walk from the UCLA Transit Center at Hilgard and Strathmore Avenues, where several public bus lines stop. Use this interactive map to find the best connection to public transportation for you.

Have Questions?

Have questions? Email events@kcrw.org.


Baker FAQ

What are this year’s pie categories?
  • Apple
  • Fruit
  • Cooked Custard
  • Savory
  • Cream/chiffon/mousse
  • Nut
  • Vegan
  • Kids (10 and under)
  • Levantine Cuisine, inspired by Dressed with Distinction: Garments of Ottoman Syria on view at The Fowler.
What should I bring the day of the pie contest?
  • TWO pies: one for judging; one for public serving. Pies should be roughly 9 inches. Pie pans must be labeled with your name on the bottom.
  • ONE pie utensil for public serving. We will not be providing them for contestants.
  • Cooler for cream or savory pies. Cooler size cannot exceed 18" deep x 26" long.
  • Sun protection: sunscreen, large sun hat or umbrella
  • Water or whatever keeps you hydrated!
Are there refunds?
There are no refunds so please be sure you can participate before registering.
What can I expect after I register?
We will email all contestants on Tuesday, April 23, with your drop-off time and instructions for the day of the contest. Drop-off times will be determined by your pie category. Contestants must check-in and deliver their pie(s) for judging at the designated time(s). There will be an artisan marketplace, baking demos, lectures and fun activities to enjoy throughout the day before the public pie tasting begins at 3:30 PM. Judges will announce the winners at 4:30 PM.
What size should my pie be?
We suggest using 9- to 10-inch pie pans. You will need to provide two pies: one for judging; and one for the public tasting.
If I’m making hand pies, how many should I bring?
The number of hand pies you submit should be the equivalent of two 9-inch pies. Depending on their size, that might be anywhere from four to nine individual hand pies. Please submit at least FOUR hand pies for judging. Empanadas are considered hand pies.
What is the difference between cooked custard and cream/chiffon/mouse?
Cream pies are "pudding" pies. The filling is cooked on the stovetop then put in a pre-cooked crust and often topped with whipped cream. A custard pie's filling is cooked in the oven along with the crust (which is sometimes par or blind baked). If it's not cooked, it's a mousse aka chiffon pie.
Can I enter multiple pies?
Of course, the more the merrier! There will be separate entry fees for each category you enter a pie into.
I’m submitting a cream pie. Can I bring a cooler?
Yes, please do. We suggest using a cooler for cream or savory pies. Your cooler must be no larger than 40 quarts and should measure no more than 18 inches deep by 26 inches in length. You can store your cooler under your assigned table once you have checked in. If you bring a cooler, you MUST label it with your name and cell phone number.
I’m making a lemon meringue pie. What category should I enter?
Lemon meringue is considered a cooked custard pie, not fruit. Pumpkin pie also falls within the cooked custard category.
I’m making a key lime pie. What category should I enter?
Key lime is considered a cooked custard pie. If the key lime is topped with whipped cream, it could be entered in a cream pie category.
Can I make a tart?
A tart is not a pie! The judging is based on pie.
I entered my pie but won’t be there to serve it. What should I do?
You will need to send someone to check in and serve your pie for you. We will not have extra staff on hand to do so for contestants.
My friend and I entered together. Can we both serve our pie?
We love collaborations, however, there is very limited room at each table for serving pies. Each pie entry will receive only one wristband for serving.* If you wish to serve together, we suggest entering more than one pie under both of your names. *Exceptions are young children or those who may need assistance serving. Please note this when registering.
I can’t make my designated drop-off time. Can I drop my pie off later?
Due to the huge number of entries, we can only accept pies during their appropriate check-in times. If you cannot make the scheduled time, we suggest having someone check in your pie on your behalf.
Do we need to submit a recipe with our pie?
No... but we may ask to interview you if you win!
How do I get my pie pan back after the contest?
Disposable pie tins will be discarded. If you wish to use a non-disposable pie pan, please be sure to label the bottom with your name. You may pick up your pie pan at the check-in table after we announce the contest winners at 5:00 PM. Any pie pans not claimed by 5:45 PM will be discarded.
I missed the deadline. Can I still enter my pie?
The official deadline to enter your pie(s) is April 21 at 11:55 PM or until we hit our maximum capacity, so don’t delay! We will not accept any pies after the deadline.
Can you tell me more about the Kid’s Category?
This year, we are excited to bring back the Kid’s Category for all children 10 and under. Young bakers can choose from any of the 8 pie types and will be judged separately from the rest of the event. Awards will include overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Note: We only expect the children to bake 1 pie for this category! They will get to serve their pie to the judges and to the public. Because the Kid's Contest area is separate, it is imperative that the little ones are accompanied by an adult at all times. We don't have the resources to watch over them if you yourself are competing and also serving your pie to the public.
Can you tell me more about the Levantine Cuisine category?
This year we are pleased to have a Levantine Cuisine category, based on Dressed with Distinction: Garments of Ottoman Syria on display at the Fowler Museum from March 17–August 18, 2019. Bakers who enter this category should be inspired by the flavors of the Levantine region.
Still have more questions?
Email events@kcrw.org and we will do our best to answer them for you.

General FAQ

So... what is this?
It’s KCRW’s Good Food Pie Contest! Home cooks and professionals will be competing for the best pie of the day across 9 categories. If you’re not a baker, come enjoy music by KCRW DJs Anne Litt and Garth Trinidad, baking demos, pie tasting, a marketplace, beer garden, kid’s activities and more.
Is this event for bakers only?
No way. This event is for pie lovers across the board.
When and where is the event?
Sunday, April 28, 2019 from 12p - 5p at Royce Quad at UCLA.
How many pies can I taste?
Each person receives 2 tasting tickets to try 2 slices of pie. Bring some friends to maximize your tasting and come early to scope out the selection.
Who is Evan?
Evan Kleiman is host of KCRW’s Good Food.
Who are the judges?
Glad you asked because we’re excited! Check out the list here.
I have allergies!
These pies are lovingly prepared in home kitchens by each individual baker. Speak directly to the baker with the pie that catches your eye about your concerns.
Do I need a ticket to attend?
Nope! The event is free, all ages and open to the public.
Can I sign up to bake?
We’ve reached our limit with baking submissions, but come spend the day with KCRW and the Fowler Museum.
What can and can’t I bring to the event?
You CAN bring:
  • Water bottles
  • Blankets (the event takes place on UCLA’s grassy Royce Quad)
  • Small/medium sized bags
Please DO NOT bring:
  • Alcohol
  • Ice chests
  • Chairs of any kind
  • Large bags
  • Pets (except service animals with a current rabies certification)
  • Medical or recreational use marijuana
  • Glass containers
  • Video recording equipment
  • Professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, tripods, large zoom lenses, and/or commercial-use camera assemblies)
Where do I park?
Parking info is located here
Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are allowed on campus, but please leave them at home since it is a food event.
What does the event feature?
The event will include multiple food vendors, bars, the Fowler Museum, KCRW DJs, kids activities, a beer garden, pie tasting and more for pie fans to enjoy! The team of All-Star judges will be choosing the top winners of the day.
Will there be food and drink available for purchase?
There will be multiple food vendors and a cash bar for purchase.
How many pies?
Great question! There have been 500 pies submitted.
500 Pies of Summer?
Sure, why not!
Still have more questions?
Email events@kcrw.org and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Special Thanks

KCRW's Good Food 10th Annual Pie Contest